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About This Course

Welcome to our Advanced Jr. Mathematics Class!!

In this empowering course, students will master the art of applying their mathematical skills to solve intricate problems. Tailored for 7th and 8th-grade students, our program aims to cultivate strong problem-solving abilities and nurture a deep understanding of advanced math concepts.

Course Overview:

The Advanced Jr. Mathematics Course is designed to challenge and inspire young mathematicians. Our experienced instructors will guide students through rigorous yet engaging material, empowering them to excel academically and in real-world problem-solving scenarios.

Why Choose Our Advanced Jr. Mathematics Class?

Our Advanced Jr. Mathematics Course is designed for aspiring young mathematicians seeking a challenge beyond the standard curriculum. We empower students to develop critical thinking and analytical skills, preparing them for academic excellence and future success.

Join us and embark on this thrilling math journey! Enroll your 7th or 8th grader in our Advanced Jr. Mathematics Course today and witness their mathematical brilliance shine like never before. Let’s equip them with the tools to conquer complex problems and inspire a lifelong love for mathematics.


Learning Objectives

Data and Modeling: Learn to gather and analyze data, and apply it to create mathematical models that represent real-world situations.
Negative Numbers: Master the intricacies of negative numbers and their operations, expanding the understanding of numerical systems.
Fractions, Decimals, and Percentage: Dive into the realm of fractions, decimals, and percentages, and explore their interrelationships.
Rate and Proportional Relationships: Understand rates and proportional relationships, and apply them to various scenarios.
Equations and Inequalities: Unravel the power of equations and inequalities, using them to solve complex mathematical problems.
Geometry: Explore the world of geometry, delving into shapes, angles, and spatial relationships.
Statistics and Probability: Learn to interpret and draw conclusions from statistical data, and explore the fascinating realm of probability.
Linear Equations and Functions: Understand linear equations and functions, and use them to model various real-life situations.
Systems of Equations: Tackle systems of equations and master techniques to solve them.
Geometric Functions: Explore geometric functions, uncovering their unique properties and applications.

Target Audience

  • Grade 7
  • Grade 8


6 Lessons

Session 1 – Aug 26

Session 1 : Homework

Session 2 – Sep 9

Session 3 – Sep 23

Session 4 – Oct 7

Session 5 – Oct 21

Session 6 – Nov 4

Session 7 – Nov 18

Session 8 – Dec 2

Session 9 – Dec 16

Session 10 – Jan 27

Session 11 – Feb 10

Session 12 – Feb 24

Session 13 – Mar 9

Session 14 – Mar 23

Session 15 – Apr 13

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