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About This Course

Welcome to our Novice Mathematics Class!!

In this comprehensive course, we will delve into the fundamental building blocks of Mathematics, providing a strong foundation for 3rd and 4th-grade students. Our goal is to nurture a love for numbers and problem-solving while instilling the essential mathematical skills needed for academic success and beyond.

Course Overview:

The Novice Mathematics Course is thoughtfully designed to make math accessible, enjoyable, and engaging for young learners. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to creating a supportive and stimulating environment where students can flourish.

Why Choose Our Novice Mathematics Class?

Our Novice Mathematics Course is the perfect starting point for young learners to embark on a journey of mathematical exploration. By making math fun and accessible, we aim to inspire a lifelong love for the subject.

Join us and let’s unleash the mathematical brilliance within your child! Enroll your 3rd or 4th grader in our Novice Mathematics Course today and witness their confidence in math soar to new heights. Together, let’s build a strong mathematical foundation for a future filled with infinite possibilities!

Learning Objectives

Place Value: Discover the significance of digits and place value, laying the groundwork for understanding large numbers.
Addition and Subtraction: Master the art of adding and subtracting numbers, developing strong mental math skills.
Multiplication: Explore the world of multiplication and learn strategies to solve multiplication problems efficiently.
Division: Dive into the realm of division, understanding how to divide numbers and solve real-world scenarios.
Factors, Multiples, and Patterns: Unravel the mysteries of factors, multiples, and patterns, fostering critical thinking abilities.
Add, Subtract, and Compare Fractions: Introduce fractions and learn to add, subtract, and compare them, building a solid foundation for advanced math.
Understanding Decimals: Grasp the concept of decimals, including their place value and operations.
Geometry: Explore shapes, angles, and spatial relationships, laying the groundwork for geometry comprehension.

Target Audience

  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4


14 Lessons2h

Session 1 – Aug 26

Session 1: Homework
Session 1: Addition00:00

Session 2 – Sep 9

Session 3 – Sep 23

Session 4 – Oct 7

Session 5 – Oct 21

Session 6 – Nov 4

Session 7 – Nov 18

Session 8 – Dec 2

Session 9 – Dec 16

Session 10 – Jan 27

Session 11 – Feb 10

Session 12 – Feb 24

Session 13 – Mar 9

Session 14 – Mar 23

Session 15 – Apr 13

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Duration 2 hours
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