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Pre-Basic – Grade 1 & Grade 2

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2 hours
14 Lessons
What you'll learn
Addition and Subtraction: Students will discover the magic of numbers through engaging activities that introduce them to addition and subtraction, laying the groundwork for strong mental math skills.
Measurement: From understanding length and weight to exploring capacity and volume, students will embark on a journey of measurement and comparison.
Data: Through fun-filled data-related tasks, students will learn to gather, organize, and interpret information, making data exploration a fascinating adventure.
Basic Geometry: Our young mathematicians will explore shapes, patterns, and spatial relationships, stimulating their curiosity and creativity.
Money: We introduce the concept of money, helping students grasp the value of coins and bills and cultivate practical financial skills.
Time: Students will learn to read clocks, understand time intervals, and develop a sense of time management.
Patterns: Pattern recognition exercises will train young minds to identify and extend patterns, building their problem-solving abilities.