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Novice – Grade 3 & Grade 4

2 hours
14 Lessons
What you'll learn
Place Value: Discover the significance of digits and place value, laying the groundwork for understanding large numbers.
Addition and Subtraction: Master the art of adding and subtracting numbers, developing strong mental math skills.
Multiplication: Explore the world of multiplication and learn strategies to solve multiplication problems efficiently.
Division: Dive into the realm of division, understanding how to divide numbers and solve real-world scenarios.
Factors, Multiples, and Patterns: Unravel the mysteries of factors, multiples, and patterns, fostering critical thinking abilities.
Add, Subtract, and Compare Fractions: Introduce fractions and learn to add, subtract, and compare them, building a solid foundation for advanced math.
Understanding Decimals: Grasp the concept of decimals, including their place value and operations.
Geometry: Explore shapes, angles, and spatial relationships, laying the groundwork for geometry comprehension.