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Advanced Jr– Grade 7 & Grade 8

6 Lessons
What you'll learn
Data and Modeling: Learn to gather and analyze data, and apply it to create mathematical models that represent real-world situations.
Negative Numbers: Master the intricacies of negative numbers and their operations, expanding the understanding of numerical systems.
Fractions, Decimals, and Percentage: Dive into the realm of fractions, decimals, and percentages, and explore their interrelationships.
Rate and Proportional Relationships: Understand rates and proportional relationships, and apply them to various scenarios.
Equations and Inequalities: Unravel the power of equations and inequalities, using them to solve complex mathematical problems.
Geometry: Explore the world of geometry, delving into shapes, angles, and spatial relationships.
Statistics and Probability: Learn to interpret and draw conclusions from statistical data, and explore the fascinating realm of probability.
Linear Equations and Functions: Understand linear equations and functions, and use them to model various real-life situations.
Systems of Equations: Tackle systems of equations and master techniques to solve them.
Geometric Functions: Explore geometric functions, uncovering their unique properties and applications.